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Professional Services
Backup, recovery, disaster planning, and business continuity can be complex issues to address. We are available to help you with all phases of your planning and implementation. We are able to perform technical work via secure remote access, or locally through our network of support partners.
Let us help you with:
Backing up data properly can be a complex task. Data resides in many different applications, formats, locations, servers, workstations, laptops, databases, etc. Many applications store data in more than one format. For example: A business application which stores customer records in a SQL database and supporting files (such as photos) on a local disk.

Some applications and databases require special commands to be used before backing up. It's too late to find out a critical step or data store was missed when it's time to recover. Even scheduling when backups run can require careful thought and planning.
Offer yourself piece of mind by having our professional staff guide you in creating a recovery plan.

We can assist you with installation and configuration of the BlackBox Online Backup software as well as creation of the data sets and schedules for your backup plan.
Initial Seed Load:
If you have a large amount of data which may take a long time to upload via the Internet, we can help you perform a seed load of the initial backup. Once complete, only new files, updated files, or deleted files need to be backed up.

If you are not in range of a partner, we can ship you a removable drive and perform the initial backup via remote access. Your data will be encrypted before being stored on the drive. Once you ship the drive back to us, we will import your encrypted data directly to the digital vault and schedule your backups to run regularly.
Ongoing Support/Testing:
It is important to periodically review your backup plan and strategy. You may have added new applications, servers, workstations, etc. The new software or hardware may need to be added to your plan to be sure it's backed up.

Testing your recovery plan is critical. Testing is the only way to ensure that you can actually recover your data and continue operating your business. Recovering an accidentally deleted file is a much different scenario than rebuilding a server which was damaged by flood or fire.
Data Recovery:
Unfortunately, disasters do happen on a daily basis. If you need help recovering your data, we are here for you.
If you need to recover a large amount of data from the digital vault, we can load your encrypted data onto a removable disk and ship it to you for local decryption and recovery.
Emergency Disaster Recovery:
If you experience a disaster, your business may require a temporary solution so that it can continue to operate while a long term solution is drafted and executed. Our data center is equipped to be able to quickly bring servers online which can be used to recover your data to and provide operational support. We are able to provide both physical and virtual servers to fit your needs.