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Open Source
Full support for Open-Source platforms
BlackBox Online Backup understands Open-Source and Free Unix platforms as well as the challenges to back them up. Instead of only providing limited support for one or two specific Linux distributions like many companies, we are able to provide full support for any distribution of your favorite Linux, BSD, or Solaris operating system.
Simple installation and configuration
Our online backup software is simple to install and configure for all Unix-like platforms. Download the software as a tar.gz file. Explode the archive to your desired directory. Run the install script. In seconds, you will be able to connect to the backup server and configure your backup sets. Init scripts are provided for automatic startup and shutdown with the OS.
Support for “stripped down” or “minimal” servers
We know that for many Linux/Unix system administrators less is more when it comes to configuring a server. BlackBox Online Backup provides a full command line interface (CLI) set of utilities. By utilizing X11 forwarding via SSH you can securely run the graphical user interface (GUI) on headless systems without having to install the full X11 desktop packages.
Native support for MySQL Database Server
The MySQL Database backup module is included with every license of BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition. Backup as many database servers as you wish. You are only limited by the amount of storage for your account.
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